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Backstroke is a stroke that you have to work quite hard at because you have to have a strong leg kick and a strong arm pull. When swimming backstroke you can't see where you are going as you are on your back so you really have to know your stroke count well so you are able to do a good tumble turn and not get disqualified. On your breathing, it is easiest to breathe on every arm cycle ie. breathe in on one arm and breathe out on the other.

When you start backstroke you have to be in the water and pull your body out of the water as much as you can then you push off with your feet and arch your back so your arms go into the water first. When you come to do a tumble turn you have to turn over onto your front when turning. When finishing you have to swim in hard and lead your hand into the wall hard as well.

There are 5 main drills for backstroke...

  • left arm
  • right arm
  • doublearm
  • side kick (either side)
  • arms straight up in the air