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"Sopiste Community Local Action Plan for environment protection"

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Involved persons
More persons from the community and the city of Skopje were involved in the project. They all have some points of contact with the inhabitants either professional, relationship or live or have weekend cottages in this area. Thus, 30 persons were involved in the project by giving advice, support, discussions, opinion and certain material for the document. We can point out the members of LUK who had the biggest and the most responsible engagement as volunteers:

- Mrs Svetlana Zajgar
(representative of the education of the community);
- Mr Mite Petrovski (lawyer in the Community, project coordinator for "Clean and green Macedonia");
- Mr Borce Spasovski
(Council representative);
- Mr Zoran Jovanovski (Local communities representative);
- Mr Stevo Gorcev (independent public representative);
- Miss Biljana Stevanovska (LEAP Sopiste local coordinator);
- Miss Lidija Fajdiga, National coordinator, representative of MZSPP. 

We also had 6 working groups with different number of persons involved in the project.

1. Public works group: water-supply, waste water and waste materials;
2. Social activities group: health care, education, social protection;
3. Natural economy group: agriculture, forestry, biodiversity and natural resources;
4. Urban works group: urbanism, road network and traffic;
5. Normative and Cultural inheritance group: legal works, cooperation with the economy sector and cultural monuments;
6. Public campaign group: information for the citizens.

We would like to thank all the persons involved in the project and the contribution they gave with their voluntary work:

- Stevan Gorcev,
member of LUK;
- Pance Stojanovski,
member of the watter-supply council in the community;
- Mitre Petrovski, lawyer in Sopiste Community and LUK member;
- Snezana Nikolovska, local mamber, secretary in the Community;
- Prof. D-r. Vidoe Trpeski, a full professor at the Faculty of Agriculture;
- D-r Liljana Dimitrova, head of the Health station in Rakotinci;
- Svetlana Zajgar, LUK member, a teacher;
- Milka Minovska, a nurse in the Health station in Rakotinci;
- Biljana Stevanovska, Local coordinator;
- Zoran Zajgar, a teacher in the primary school "Draga Stojsnovska" – Rakotinci;
- Vlatko Trpevski, a student at the Faculty of Agriculture in Skopje;
- Risto Nikolov, Makedonski sumi;
- Ilija Stojanovski, local citizen;
- Branko Velevski, chemical engineer;
- Zoran Bogdanovski, AD Pelagonija;
- Ljupco Moskovski, AD Pelagonija;
- Vladimir Belicanski, AD Pelagonija;
- Milovan Knezevic, AD Pelagonija;
- Vesna Jankova, member of the ecology association "Opstanok" – graduate biology engineer;
- Nikola Jovanovski,
JP "JSP Skopje";
- Jelica Cvetanovska, JP "JSP Skopje";
- Ivan Zezoski, SD "Peoni";
- Zoran Jovanovski, LUK member, president of the local community Dobri Dol;
- Katina Dimova, actress, local member;
- Borce Spasovski, president of the local community Priopor;
- Ljupco Micevski, local community Pripor;
- Milka Bilbikovska, Biology teacher;
- D-r Metodija Trajcev, Faculty of Agriculture;
- Zivko Mickovski, Community inspector;
- Others

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