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Economic facilities

The basic economic branch in this community is agriculture i.e. economic primary sector. The cattle raising is hardly developed. There are about 2000 sheep and 100 heads of cattle, all in private property. It is mostly developed in Patiska Reka and Drzilovo, but it is of half-nomadic type.

From economic and geographic point of view Sopiste Community has heterogeneous structure of agrarian land, small landowners structure of the agrarian reserves, different types of agricultural production, low level of chemization and mechanization, without any serious economic activities except small private farms economy (there are 35 grocery stores in private houses, some restaurants, several service shops, 2 agricultural drugstores and small vineyards).

The following enterprises are situated in this region:

:: Z.I. "Skovin" which processes grapes and produces vine;

:: Cement factory "Usje" which owns surface sand excavation site in the Sevoec locality (Pripor) which can be exploited for 40 years;

:: "Makedonski sumi" which deals with the forests in this region. It can be exploited for 45 years;

:: 70 % of the territory of the dump called "Drisla" belongs to Sopiste Community, but because of its importance for the region it has extraterritorial status. It is used only for 5-6 years for the wider (Balkan) region, it is well organized and has high technical standard.

:: The farm "Belimbegovo" – section in Markova Susica is situated between the Communities Sopiste and Studenicani.

:: The veterinary station "Sopiste" which was built and founded in 1959/1960 takes care of the animal as well as people protection by preventing and treatment. The station phone is (02) 2742-194.

The Public services enterprise (JKP) from Sopiste collects the garbage in the inhabited places in Sopiste Community. It also takes care of cleaning some of the scattered illegal dumps and has cleaned two of them up to now.


Community Sopiste
tel/fax: (02) 274 3032
(02) 274 3031
Sopiste Community Advisory Office
tel/fax:(02) 274 2292
Ecology Informative Center in Sopiste Community


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