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Quick Guide To Muscat H

Transportation - Dress Code - Muscat Weather and Climate - Muscat Hotels - Muscat Attractions - Gallery 

Muscat Transportation and Airport Information

Getting from the airport to town and exploring the city

Taxis are available outside the terminal. Expect to pay no more than five OMR for destinations inside Muscat, or less if sharing. Larger hotels offer a shuttle service and some offer a chauffeured courtesy car. Several car rental agencies are available, although rental costs are expensive. The city has a comprehensive bus and taxi service for getting around town.

Muscat Etiquette and Customs

Greeting someone in Muscat

Usual practice is the use of "Sayed" (Mr) or "Sayeda" (Mrs) followed by the first name. The first name should always be prefixed with the honorific title, especially in business situations.

Tipping advice

Tipping is not usual in the cheaper areas of Muscat. Expensive restaurants habitually include a service charge, which benefits the restaurant rather than the waiting staff.

Muscat dress code

A conservative dress sense is an advantage in Muscat, especially for women, who should avoid wearing overly tight or revealing clothing. The preferred outfit for women is loosely cut trousers or a long dress; a headscarf is necessary only in rural areas.

Local Customs

Certain body language will sometimes offend people in Oman: Do not point directly at people. Donít show the soles of your feet or shoes directly so that people can see them. Public displays of affection between sexes e.g. kissing, hugging, and holding hands are most definitely frowned upon. It is considered polite not to smoke in public although there are no smoking signs posted where it is actually prohibited to smoke. Alcohol is not completely illegal, but it is only legal to drink in licensed establishments. Be careful when taking photographs of people, especially women, always ask permission. It is also a good idea not to take photos of any thing that could be even vaguely related to the military.


Muscat Weather and Climate (Temperature and Rainfall)
A wide range of climatic conditions can be expected in Oman, varying with the geography of each region. Muscat is pleasantly warm in the winter months from October to March, but in summer is hot and very humid, making air conditioning essential. There is little rain throughout the year.











Muscat Hotels

Ramada Qurum Beach

The Ramada Qurum Beach is located 30 miles to Nasim Garden,

15 miles to Matrah Souq and 1 mile to Qurum Beach. The Ramada Qurum 

Beach offers superior accommodations, complimentary parking, laundry services,

 restaurant and two conference rooms.

Al Bustan Palace InterContinental Muscat
on (hotel group site)
Hotel Home : Room Reservations
PO Box 1998, Postal Code 114, Muttrah, Sultanate Of Oman
Tel: +968 799 666 Fax: +968 791 269

Hotel InterContinental Muscat
on (hotel group site)
Hotel Home : Room Reservations
PO Box 398, Muscat 114, Sultanate Of Oman
Tel: +968 600 500 Fax: +968 600 012

Crowne Plaza Muscat
on (hotel group site)
Hotel Home : Room Reservations
P.O. BOX 1455, MUSCAT, 112 OMAN
Tel: +968 560100 Fax: +968 560650

Holiday Inn Muscat - AL Madinah
on (hotel group site)
Hotel Home : Room Reservations
PO Box 692, Al Azaiba, Muscat, 130 Oman
Tel: +968 596400 Fax: +968 502191

Holiday Inn Muscat
on (hotel group site)
Hotel Home : Room Reservations
PO Box 1185, Seeb, Muscat, 111 Oman
Tel: +968 687123 Fax: +968 680986

Grand Hyatt Muscat
Shatti Al Qurm, PO Box 951, Postal Code 133, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman 
Tel: +968 64 1234 Fax: +968 60 5268

Oman Sheraton Hotel
PO Box 3260, Ruwi, Muscat 112, Oman
Tel: +968 799 899 Fax: +968 795 791

Novotel Seeb Muscat
PO BOX 69, Seeb Airport, Muscat 111, Oman
Tel: +968 510 300 Fax: +968 510 055

Mercure al Falaj Muscat
PO Box 2031, Saif Bin Sultan street, Ruwi, Muscat 112, Oman
Tel: +968 702 311 Fax: +968 795 853

Radisson SAS Hotel Muscat
Al Kuleiah Street, Muscat 133, Oman
Tel: +968 687 777


Muscat Attractions

Muscat, the capital of Oman, is divided into three quite distinctive regions; the old town, Mutrah and Ruwi. The old town's boundaries are marked by gated walls, enclosing the area around the port, the Sultan's palace and the harbour. Mutrah is the residential area, boasting an excellent souk (market) and Ruwi is the modern business centre. Hotels are usually situated within these two areas. A must, while here is to experience the sunset under the light sea breeze on one of the excellent beaches. Despite its location, modern Muscat appears to be a long way from the desert on which it stands.

Jalali, Mirani & Mutrah Forts (city map)
Surrounding central Muscat, Muscat

These forts originate, or have been adapted from the Portugese period of occupation. You cannot enter them but you are allowed to take photographs.

Oman Museum (city map)
Ministries Area in Medinat Qaboos, Muscat

Old Muttrah Souk (city map)
Located along the Muttrah Cornice, Muscat

Old shopping market with a wide selection of gold and silver jewellery, spices, fabric and bric-a-brac.

Marina Bandar Al Rowdha
Central Muscat
Tel: +968 737 288

Marina provides watersports, including Jet skis, fishing charters, dolphin watching and much more.

Al Araimi Centre
Located in the Qurum Area shopping district, Muscat
Tel: +968 566 180

Large modern shopping center with cafes and good quality shops.

Khamis Plaza
Located in the Qurum Area shopping district, Muscat
Tel: +968 563 009

Large modern shopping center with cafes and good quality shops.

Sultan's Armed Forces Museum
Located in Ruwi, Bait Al Falaj - behind the Muscat Municipality, Muscat

Oman's military history from pre-islamic times to date.

Marine Science And Fisheries Centre
Between the Al Bustan Palace Hotel and the Capital Area Yacht Club, Muscat

Excellent for anyone interested in marine life.

Natural History Museum
Housed within the Ministry of National Heritage and Culture, Muscat

A compact museum of Oman's flora and fauna.

Bait Al Zubair
In Muscat to the right of the British Bank, 300 metres past the Old Muscat Gate

An extensive Omani jewellery collection and costumes worn by women in different regions in Oman.