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Solarnetic Tanning Systems

Sunquest Pro 16SE Showroom


SunQuest® 16SE
The SunQuest® Wolff® Pro 16SE home tanning bed delivers dynamic tanning power and convenience, all in the comfort of your own home.

Dark tanning lamps are angled to maximize the reflecting rays for a dark, rich tan. Lightweight and convenient, this home tanning bed operates on a standard 120-volt household electrical circuit.

Lamps                                                                16 Body Lamps                                                           • Canopy: 8 x 100 watt Wolff lamps
• Bench: 8 x 100 watt Wolff lamps




• 30 minute session time
• Extruded aluminum and steel mainframe
• Bio-Tech™ tunnel design
• Curved tanning surface
• Specially glossed aluminum reflectors
• DuraMax™ 2000 exterior
• Delivered 95% pre-assembled
• Protective canopy grid (not shown)
• NEW! Exclusive Control Key Lock





**Price Does Not Include Shipping**



Special Features
• Equipped with Bronze Medal Series features
• Operates on 120 Volt household current
• Quick Clip™ acrylic removal system
• Security timer



• Superflow internal cooling system
• Optional powerful body cooling system

• Limited lifetime warranty
• 18 month Bronze Medal extended warranty





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