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Warcraft III Player Searcher and war3 database collection

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This tells me who you are and your accessible profile info. Please enter a valid one, and your most updated one, because you could be invited to join special clans or receive other bonuses.

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When the link is loaded, scroll to the bottom and find the player search feature bottom right corner.


My personal Site with useful info

Features of SkylineNet:

SecurePi[Xel]: V.1.00

Warcraft III Clan ReVo homepage

SecureCl[an] Version 2.oo

More to come...

**Sorry about that weird thing with the War3 Hacking. I know it was a big fake.

Music Uploaded on server:

Windows Welcome Music

You should do a save link as.. <on the above link>

Digital Techno Name [Unknown]

If someone knows the name of the above tune. I 'd appreciate it if you would email me the name:

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Official Release: 09/19/2004