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Yea, That Was It

She cries when her brother gets needles in his eyes - he doesn't even flinch just keeps running
Bonding in pebbles and under swinging branches and amid screaming fans at Copps Coliseum
I'm Ariel, you can be one of her dumb sisters, or a dolphin if you'd like, or whatever
Easter bunnies in April Fool's logs along beaten paths that lead to Grandma's house and fudge
I only like to set it up, she always wants to play with it, make them go to the mall, have kids
Little Miss Bossy, Mr. Crabby, Little Miss Shy and Mr. Spill-His-Milk
Gagging on force-fed crushed lady bug-infested carrots, cut my heart out with a spoon, twit

Stuffing snow in between metal grates in between mouthfuls in between laughs
Avoiding dirty big sister looks sniffing out an alleged affair, what does she care/know anyway
Door to door pink matching OshKosh outfits and changed recipes, we're selling these dimples
We get the same thing for Christmas year after year, cool I know, don't need to tell me twice
Three-legged cats running stairs and jumping in cribs, cats lining walls, rooms and streets
Bill Nye the Video Guy, ZZ Carrot Top hates being filmed Glen and GoNuts the squirrel
Dangerous Darren will know the water jugs that we tape for bossy when she is sick

Otto Bongo Kooperschmidt and white tubs with silver lion feet - water always crashing waves
Hot thighs pressed to nervous hands we just might throw up here, tongues are so slimy
Fish eat people whole out deep in dark lakes with squishy sand, rocks and seaweed
My bike is ten times faster with a basket, banana seat, miniature pedals - like you'll get there first
Dukes of Hazard got nothing on you big hands like Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing, maybe
My mother shaves your neck and we listen to Wu Tang I don't get it but I pretend to for your sake
Gooey hot melting rubber soles and happy singing drunks my moms flip-flops prized at pot lucks

Looking out screens at boys who never bring a backpack to school what about your books
Swallowing noodles in soup practicing for the pills I swear it's true and dissolving in water
New Year's is so hot by the fire we're almost naked wearing paper crowns and moving thru levels
Dinner parties get to dancing and singing and dancing and Russ sheepishly looks at my mom
Bobby's got his boot and the beer bottles needed to make that music live in my dads belly
Centuries of dinosaurical discoveries reside under lilacs and fences so big I can't climb them
The mirrors are the key and the rubies will follow and Weirdoland needs us, all three of us

Grandpa can't speak when the table catches on fire he has no teeth - picture it, he's like, 100
She looks pretty and peaceful anyway our mother's mother just keeps crying her head shakes
Good food in church basements let's just forgot those tears and try the punch
At the Ex there's pink cotton candy and temporary tattoos of pink flamingos and stages
Seven weeks later and the tests came back worst thing ever she says but I'm not looking at her
My aunt likes women now, men are only good for cutting chocolate and moving furniture
He is an artist and a hairdresser I can't see him moving furniture, only dying