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This Will Never Work

This book is based on my real life. A reality book. A non-fiction. You will think it's fiction though, just because we all like to think books and movies are fiction. Like the time I saw The Pianist and the 20-something ladies sitting beside me were amazed at the realities that they were seeing on screen. It was as if they thought things like the holocaust don't happen anymore. It still happens, just now no one really knows or cares or can do anything because there's too many politics involved.
I haven't decided what this book is about. I guess because I haven't decided what my life is about. That was deep. Do books have to have plots? It seems like most do. But even though it seems like life begins and then it ends, there are too many twists and turns and sidesteps and retracing for it to be considered a plot. It's much too complex. A plot based on life would never work; it would be like watching rain drops fall and trying to make sense of it.