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self-indulgent art

[5 November 2003] What up bitches? I need an easier layout design so people can view...oh wait, i just remmebered that i thought of it last night...ok. i have too many pictures on my computer. i think i have 200 new kittens!

[24 October 2003] Shannon comes home tomorrow. And then...on Monday we go get a kitten! Pictures will be posted! On another note: look what I made. I'm a regular Martha Stewart.

Music: When one eight becomes two zeros - Glassjaw

[20 October 2003] Done and done. Quickness achieved. Even added some more photos that I took today. And re-did this page a wee bit. Alright, well I'll add stuff as I see fit - which will most probably be very often - so check back often. Thanks for coming.

Music: Boom Boom Ba - Metisse

[19 October 2003] It's the wee hours of Sunday morning. I just thought I'd write that I am finished the photos section, the shopped section and I'm almost finished the words section. Pretty good for the second night working on it, hm?

Music: Come a Little Bit Closer - Marty Robbins

[17 October 2003] Hello. My name is Katie West. And THIS is my self-indulgent website dedicated to all things me. I just made it today. So there isn't really anything on it yet. Today my best friend in the whole world, Shannon, (I live with her) found out she has chicken pox and had to go home. It sucks a lot. So i've started talking to myself. She's not going to be back for 8 days or something stupid like that. I wish she would've stayed here. Oh well, we can't always get what we want. I went grocery shopping by myself today. Not much fun. Then I rented movies and I'm going to watch them by myself. Not much fun either. Oh well. I need to write an essay.

Music: Sugar Water - Cibo Matto

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