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This is a present. Really it's just stuff that I think is funny.

See, that's funny. Because I'm flying through the air! Oy!...anyway. I have no shame. Hmm...what else is fun?

I know, here is a story I wrote about a boy. You might think this is funny. Don't show it to Dylan. ;)

William the Emo Prince

William was a tortured artist. He liked to brood a lot and paint tears on canvas. He was dark and mysterious, well as dark and mysterious as six-year-olds get. Everyone figured he should go to therapy if he should live to see seven. William agreed to therapy since he did at times feel overwhelmed by the changing world around him and depressed at the idea of having no global peace, the threat of globalization, the state of animal treatment in the country as well as the fact they had yet to make vegan underwear that was not manufactured by little kids in Malaysian sweatshops. So William went to see Dr. Javier, the county therapist. While in the waiting room, William withdrew his notebook from his black man purse and started writing heart-wrenching poetry with drawings of angels and stars in the margins. He never noticed a fairly ugly girl wearing a crinoline tutu and a soft white sweater sitting across the room from him, staring at him, falling in love with him. William stopped writing to switch it up and brood a little, then sulk a little. "Oh, le sigh," sighed William, and Esther took this as her cue.
"Oh, sweet and tortured dark prince of all things ultra emotional and über tragic! I have watched you from afar, longing to wipe your silent tears in silence! I have yearned to discuss various methods of suicide while listening to Dashboard Confessional with you! Oh William, the Emo Prince - let me wallow in sorrow with you! Let us be one soul intertwined in sadness and melancholy forever! Woe is us!" And with that Esther flung herself at William and before he could even scream and run away, Esther started to cry. She wailed long and horrible wails and cried big fat tears for - well I'm not sure why and William was also not sure, but he felt himself starting to cry too. Whether it was out of fear or despair or just the hideous situation he had found himself to be in, giant exasperated sobs escaped William's pouty lips and his dark broody eyes turned red from exertion. The two of them kept on bawling until William's asthma kicked in and being too lethargic to take his inhaler he died with a final sigh.
"Gosh darn it. Why does this always happen? Oh well, I'll go home and run with scissors. Yea! So much fun! Eehehehehe!" And off went Esther who didn't have an appointment with the therapist anyway and was only there for the lollipops on the receptionist's desk.

The end is funnier when you read the story called, "Running with Scissors". Oh well. did you like it?

Here is a picture I took of myself outside when it is cold. I am sitting on a picnic table, you can see up my nose.

I guess that wasn't very exciting. can always count on google image search to find ya..."something interesting"

I am sleepy now. I should go to bed. I'm listening to Will Smith. My kittens are so cute. Ayway, I know your present isn't very exciting, but oh well. I come home on December 13th or 14th so I'll call you and we cang have some fun times. Ok, good night Matt Wills. May you have the sweetest of dreams.