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Beautiful Women

Every time you walk
into a room
you walk in slow
motion and
all eyes turn to take in
your body.
Your oscillating hips,
your wet parted lips,
your breasts as right as rain
that taught us all what sin is.

I want to have your hair
in my eyes tangled
in my legs caught
around my tongue struggling
under pursuit from my
finger tips.

My heart beats so hard
in my chest that
Im suffocating my blood
squashing my lungs.
My blood filling my cheeks
this is me burning under
the stars reflected in between
your thighs.

My eyes undressing you
and my tongue escaping
my mouth and tracing a map
on your body while my
hands travel down your sides
and end up grabbing at your
hips and pulling you close.
My eyes are devouring your
breasts and your entire being
while my breath feels soft on your
skin and my lips trespass gates
of flesh as you finally gather up
the courage to look away.
Why are you so beautiful?