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Bursts and downward spirals.
Both aesthetically pleasing and metaphorically easy to work with.
(I once tried working with a fading box but it didn't do much for my karma.)
Everything looks better ripped up or messed up or run down or cut down. (Except trees.)
Take credit for your madness and your mistakes.

We call things placed sporadically on a page - art. Years from now someone, not unlike myself, is going to try to interpret our mess.

/This one is 'sex.' See the curves in the lines and the spirals representing the open vagina? Here, with the strong jagged lines, representing the violence often associated with sex in the media. And here, with the splatters, representing women's sexuality by arousing thoughts of menstrual blood./

Staring at a blue page. Blue - such a beautiful colour. The love of my life insists the best colours are pimary.
(As in Red, Blue and Yellow.)
My perspective needs work. Demonstrate:

As I move further away, objects appear smaller in reality but always bigger in my mind. And when I look up, objects dont fade into an abyss, they are brighter and more welcome and I find it hard to look away. Im being welcomed home.

But let's not get me started on shading. That one is just too easy and I like to be challenged.

Back to the beginning and: A BURST OF HAPPINESS AND I AM SURROUNDED BY LIGHT! Why are you so happy? It makes you look so beautiful. So innocent, and we all know innocence is the most sought after trait of the human race.

but over here is a quickly descending downward spiral just falling and spinning and trying to grab onto something anything why wont someone help you what happened to us all and why cant we feel for you why are we so apathetic help me help me I hear you screaming but I cant reach past my own face my precious beautiful face dont touch me I dont know you but youre falling so very fast WHY WONT SOMEONE SAVE you/me/us?

Do you see how it all relates? But most of all do you see
I am too fake? You can tell that I'm not really an artist? That these bursts and spirals are only lies to make you notice me? You caught on? Don't get angry with me.
Don't blame me.
I'm only looking for whatever everyone else is looking for.