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2002.10.25 14.09
approach me

i saw you, i approached you, i pursued you, i seduced you and now i want nothing to do with you.

i'm a little tired and a little empty, and there is no way you could fill a void like this. you blush as soon as you fill my mouth with your tongue.

2002.10.25 15.00
listen. i'm telling truths.

[start truth: '24']

you want like me, i'm just much more clustered like an antique shop and much more sporatic like grapes on vines. and bubbles in carbonated drinks. we're all blowing up and all heading towards destruction. (lets fuck now.)
i'm going crazy.
i need to stop this.


2002.11.18 16.47
from (me).

everyone is hiding something.

that's too bad.