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Ruki's Lovely gallery of art new and old...

Welcome to my art gallery. The pictures here are new and old. Some are kinda bad, i know, but i still like the way i did them, therefore i see fit to put them here. As for all the other ones...well...just judge for your self.

I have the galleries put up in several differnt sections for your navigating conveinence.

also, im no where NEAR getting all my pics up here yet. You'll have to check back often for updates...

DBZ Fanfic

these are ALL charchters from the NOWHERE NEAR finished DBZ fanfic that a friend and I have bee working on for the past 2 years. It don't evne have a name yet....

RPG charcters

These are all charcters from RPGs that i have been in or am in.

Let the Darkness Bacome You

These are the charcters from the newest story that im working on. Some of them have the same name but look differnt, this is beacuse i have gone through so many differnt ideas for what the characters look like, but i want to post them all....heehee


These are all the Mics pics that i have done. Some are from older stories, and some i just did cause i was bored


And last but not least the fanart...yeah you knew it was comming. It was inevitable!!!

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