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This is a picture of a portion of my property. We have a hundred acres situated along the Veuve River, just outside the hamlet of Verner, Ontario, Canada. Fishing and hunting are common activities here and I like to participate, although I'm not really avid. I enjoy the comradery of my friends and family more than the sport. Each year, I go on two camping trips. One in May into Algonquin Park with my brother and friends where we fish for both Brook Trout and Lake Trout. The other trip is to the French River area of Lake Nipissing with my two sons, mostly to relax and do a little fishing. You can check out the "Fishing" page to get more info.

Part of the property is reserved for our hockey rink, which my son plays on and I work on! I'm very involved in Minor Hockey. I think it's the greatest sport in the world. I devote countless hours as a tournament coordinator in order to put kids on the ice and make the experience enjoyable. Check out the "Hockey Stuff" link for more info.

I have been in the electronic industry for over 20 years and have made many projects. I still dabble in it and have a few projects on the go whenever time permits. Check out my projects page to see my creations.

My "Junk Box" page is where you will find some things I'm selling. I have quite a bit of stuff both new and used. Mostly, it is RF components. Check it out.

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