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Have You Seen Ricky?

Well I don't have any pictures of him but I'm told I look just like him,
as much as a dauhter can resemble her father anyway.

It so Hard on a girl to grow up without her daddy

My name is Marica Wilson. I was born on April 7, 1984 in Cleveland, OH. This website is dedicated to the search of my biological father, Ricky Lynn Smith. I know some things about him but I haven't had any contact with him or his family since 1985. My mother, Doris Hardy (then Hardy-Wilson), said that his father, Sam Smith, kept in contact until I was 7, but I don't remember that. My mother lies sometimes. I want to meet my father and have wanted to since I can remember. I hope I can find him soon because I will be getting married and I would like for him to attend the wedding.

It's weird that even though I never met him before, we have things in common, He ran track in high school, so did I. His highschool's mascot was the cardinals, mine was too. Even though we attended two different schools in two different cities. He likes to be on the road(so i heard, and I love it. If you're visiting this site you may be able to help me so email me. His last known address is to a county jail in Tarrant County Texas. They say that they have no records of him so he may have been arressted, but not charged or convicted.

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