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What we have learned

This is what eac of our team members have learned during our part in the Rice for Ducks program.

Taylor Ann Landrie: I found wildlife conservation interesting from the start, but I didn't really know anything about the Managing Rice For Ducks Program. I don't like hunting and didn't understand why anyone would need to hunt, I realized though that hunting is a nessisary and important part

Sarah: At first I really wasn't too excited about this program, I figured I was going to waste all my free time driving around the middle of nowhere.
But over time I found myself identifying ducks and other birds as I saw them along the roads.
I've learned alot about rice farming I never knew, and find it's actually quite interesting, I also learned about teamwork as well.
All in all it's a great expirience and I've learned not to be so quick to judge, cause what you may think as boring can be really cool.