Unknown Pink Shawl Formal

This is not in any of the LMR booklets. I have seen it in Judith Izen's second book on Ideal Dolls.

Unknown Shawl Formal

The strapless gown is made with two layers.

The skirt and bodice is a very light pink taffeta. The overskirt is a very light pink netting.

The bodice has a form fitted bodice with a v neck. On the right side of the bodice is a rhinestone and the shawl is attached on the edge. The long shawl wraps around her shoulders and reaching the edge of the skirt. The edge of the shawl is trimmed with a ruffled row of netting.

The very full skirt is made with the pink taffeta and has an overskirt of the pink netting. The netting has a ruffled row of netting two inches from the waist.

Two snap on the back.

It is tagged "Ideal Toy Corp. Hollis, N.Y.".

This formal was also made in True Red, Pale Blue, Yellow, and a Rose Pink.