Sunday Outfit

Little Miss Revlon Outfit Booklet category: "Visiting Outfit".


In booklet described as Sunday Outfit with crinoline,hat.Original Price: $3.50

Sunday Outfit

The short sleeved dress is made of yellow and gray vertical striped chintz, with a full skirt that falls below the knees. The bodice is a solid gray. The sleeves also have a small black picto trim and a piece of the same trim is also tied in a bow on the neckline in the front. The waist has a piece of thin black velvet that ties in the back in a bow. There are two snaps in the back for closure.

The slip is white with a black edged netting to make the crinoline.

The hat is a black woven material, with netting and flowers.

It is tagged "Ideal Toy Corp. Hollis, N.Y.".