Lantern House Dress

This outfit is for Little Miss Revlon. I have not seen it in any of the books, catalogs, or the Little Miss Revlon booklet that came with the doll.

House Dress

The dress is longed sleeved made with a cotton in a lantern and star print. The background is white with red stars and red lanterns trimmed with black.

The bodice and sleeves are cut in one piece. The bodice edge is trimmed with a white scalloped edge lace and red piping. The sleeves are trimmed with the same lace. One snaps on the front for closure.

The full gathered skirt falls to mid-calf.

It is tagged "Ideal Toy Corp" Hollis, N.Y.".

I am putting this with the "Nighttime Series" because of the quality of the fabric. I feel the quality of the fabric and the design was more elaborate for LMR dresses and this dress seems more casual. I feel it was meant to be a robe or "housedress" worn in that era.