Knit Dress

This Little Miss Revlon Dress is from 1958.


In 1959 booklet described as Knit Dress with stole, crinoline, assorted colors. Original Price: $1.50

Knit Dress

This short sleeved dress is made of a woven knit. The knit is made of rows, with the white wider and smaller rows of yellow. The white are loose loops. There is a row of pearls around the round neckline. The closure in the back are two strings of the yellow yarn that would be tied.

The scarf is made of the same yarn but switched with wider yellow and smaller white rows. The scarf has two small appliqués of a red flower.

I have seen this outfit in red and white or pink and white.

The purse is a "Revlon" purse.

It is tagged "Ideal Toy Corp. Hollis, N.Y.".

I have seen this in a Ward's Catalog from 1959 description: Holiday Knit Outfit. Lacy knit dress, crinoline, stole. Price: $1.39