Calypso Outfit

In Little Miss Revlon's booklet this outfit is categorized as in the "Novelty Series".


In booklet described as Calypso Blouse and Skirt with crinoline, flowers.


The very full skirt is made of a royal blue with 3 horizontal lines of rickrack in red and yellow. There is a plastic red belt attached to the skirt with a snap in the back. A gold metallic seashell figure on the front of the belt is just for decoration.

The short sleeved yellow blouse is made like a bodysuit, with two rows of rickrack on the neckline edge. The neckline and sleeves have elastic.

The white slip has a red trimmed row of ruffle on the bottom edge.

Both are tagged "Ideal Toy Corp. Hollis, N.Y.".

The other picture is a variation of this outfit in a different color.