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Hello everybody! The site will be up VERY soon, I PROMISE you!
But while you wait in anticipation, let me tell you what were about. is about reproducing factory stickers for collectable figures, like Transformers, G.i. Joe, Star Wars, etc. The Stickers are for this purpose ONLY! I will also be doing custom bumperstickers as well. Please DO NOT steal images from me and claim them as your own, because i WILL find out :) Any images used for your site, or private use must have written permission from

If you have any questions, concerns, or sales inquiries, feel free to
E-mail me.
Transformer Universe box MISPRINT?:

I recently purchased the Wal-Mart Exclusive Transformer Ruination. When I got it home I noticed a misprint on the box. On the back of the box where it shows all the Transforers' modes I noticed Armorhide's vehichle was in front of Rollbar and vice-versa. (
pic )
I do not have any information on this misprint. If anyone DOES please
E-mail me with what you know.

Current Ebay items:

Do-it-yourself Sticker kits: ( includes image file, print instructions, and where to purchase specialty papers)

Diaclone Bluestreak
Diaclone Prowl
$1.00 starting bid for all sticker kits

Search for seller dark_decepticon

"Home To All That Is Stickered"
I have had a chat with the owner of and am being allowed to use it as well as other thing. I will keep you updated.

On Oct. 15th someone registered the domain name, TWO DAYS before we had planned to register it! We know exactly who registered it, but they will remain nameless. We do have another name prepared, but it will be being held secret until it is registered.