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Hellfire's Ring Page

    Welcome! This (little ^_^) site is dedicated to one of the greatest horror film ever been made... Ring (aka Ringu). It is mainly about a malevolent spirit named Sadako who possessed a videotape which kills anyone who watches it within 7 days. It is a story based on the novels Ring, Rasen, and Loop by Suzuki Koji. The Ring has 6 movies to date all in all (including the remakes) namely: Ring, Ring 2, Ring 0: Birthday, Rasen, The Ring (American), and The Ring Virus (Korean). This site contains some information on the movies, sketches, and gif. animations made by me.

Enjoy! : )



    Added a new gif. animation. I'm thinking of replacing the rough arts/sketches section with a gallery section soon. It's gonna contain stills from the movies and a lot more misc. stuffs. It might not happen though since bandwith and space are huge problems... but I'm gonna try my best so stay tuned.


    I've fixed the text alignment problem of my site. See? I told you I'm learning already. ; )


    The short reviews for the last 3 movies are up. By the way, The Ring 2 is just around the corner... I'm sure everybody is as excited as I am. I hope it turns out good.


    I added some short reviews to the first 3 movies. I guess the rating system aren't too helpful without some words so I decided I just gotta do it.


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