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"Project Writers Unite"
PWU Special Projects

As we grow as a group, our goal is to put on different events and programs for our members and the literary community at large. In accordance with the objectives set forth by the group (See Club Information), this section of our website is dedicated to revealing some of our current projects as well as other works still in development. It will also give the details and background of why these projects are important and what we need to see these projects through.

Unlike the "Future Plans" section where we give you some small overview of what we would like to accomplish, this section will be more detailed about what's going on and the steps we are taking to make these events/project a reality.

The 1st PWU/AFO Multi Pride Celebration!!!!

Looking for redaers and performers for this landmark event coming on August 19, 2006!

Our major project for this year will be a program inspired by and dedicated to the many different cultures that make the Bay Area great. This will be a night of theatrical, literary, and musical celebration. Along with collaborations with other organizations, we will be looking for writers, performers, and actors from everywhere in the Bay Area to come out and share their talents. Planninng for this event has already started and auditions for actors will begin soon. Call President James if you are interested in participating.


Monday, December 19th will be our last reading in our Coffeehouse Reading Series for 2005!

The Coffeehouse Readings is our tri-annual reading eventwhere writersfrom many different mediums come together to share their wonderful work. We are looking for readers and performers to join us for our final Reading of the year; as well as, volunteers to help plan these landmark events for next year. There are a variety of opprotunities available.
  1. Event Planning
  2. Food Prep
  3. Event Staff


We're looking for people to take part in this ongoing, year round program!

One of our most current projects is the development of a readers theater group. This group will put on staged and and unstaged reading of works created by PWU members and other writers in the community. This group will be a vonlunteer drama group that will perform throughout the year ( click here for more information). We are looking for volunteers to help create tis group. This is a year round program, and opprotunities to audition or voilunteer come up quite frequently. There are a variety of opprotunities available.

If you are interested in participating, volunteering, our coming to any of our events listed here,
please click here to contact President James for more information.

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