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Help Beyond The Meeting

It is always important to have the best tools possible to create the best work possible. Therefore, I am providing a list of some helpful books, magazines, other resources that I feel can be a help to others writers trying to improve their writing. The information provided is also good if you wish to purchase any of these books.

Titles Authors Type Of Book ISBN# / Website Comments
Grammar And Composition
Gary Forlini - Senior Author
This is a good book for those whom need a litlle grammar brush up. It also has great tips on story writing as well as tips on how to write in general. Check for later editions of this book.
The Art Of The Playwright: Creating The Magic Of Theater (1st and 2nd Edition)
William Packard
Play Writing
This is a great book for beginning playwrights. It's easy to follow and the information in the book is great. Also, the second edition of this book has contact info on agents and contests. In addition to play writing, William Packard has also written about Screenwriting (screen plays), and poetry.
The Screenplay: The Foundation Of Screenwriting - A Step By Step Guide From Concept To Finished Script (3rd Edition)
Syd Field
Screen Writing
Syd Field is a very respected person in this field. Although the facts in his book are very good, his opinions on certain things is subjective not objective so take them with a grain of salt. That aside, this is a wonderful book.
Screenwriting: The Art And Business Of Film And Television Writing
Richard Walter
Screen Writing
Walter picks up where Field leaves off. This book not only gives you the technical stuff about how to write a screenplay, it also gives you some insight into the world of how to get your screenplay and market it. This is an excellent book to have no matter what medium you write in.
Harbrace College Handbook (12th Edition)
John C. Hodges
This is a very technical book. It has a lot of useful information. But, it's best that you use this book strictly as a reference book. Check for later editions of this book.
Literary Agents: A Writer's Guide
Adam Begley
Agent/Agency Index
This book is definately for the more advanced writer. If you are ready to get an agent to help you get your work out to publishers, then this a good resource to have. It have give good information about how to go about finding an agent as well as a list of different agents and agencies to shop yor work around to.
Poets & Writers
Multiple Contributors
Literary Magazine
A great source to get your work out to the public. This magazines not only has articles and and stories, they have info about contest, competitions, grants, clssifieds, and other things to help a struggling writer get ahead.
Tea Party
Multiple Contributors
Literary Magazine
With great articles, and excellent poetry and fiction submissions, this a greta magazine to read and submit your work to. They also put together readings and other events.
Comedy Writing Workbook
Gene Perret
Joke Writing/Exercise
Although mostly a book about writing comedy, it does have a lot of exercises that are fun and can be a benefit to any writer. This book would be perfect to help with writer's block or to help change gears if you wanted to work on something other han your current project.
Grant Writing For Dummies
Beverly Browning
Grant Writing Help
If you ever thought about funding a project, then this book is a must. It gives you great advice on how to write and prepare grants for the things you want. This is vital to any type of writer thinking of getting money for a play, film, or reading.
Submit To Impress: A Playwright's Guide To Making A Professional Script Submission
Enrique Urueta
Script Submission Guide
Click here to download a copy of this article.
This 2 page article is an excellent reference to anyone who wishe to submit work to any competition, festival, or whatever. Although it's written for playwrights, the general info can work for writers in other mediums too. This article is a definate must read!
Art Rules
Deborah Green - Art Teacher at Beacon Day School
Rules For Creating Art
Click here to download a copy of this article.
Even though it mostly pertains to painting and drawing, i felt that these rules could also apply to the written arts as well. It is also an ineteresting new way to look at wring, from an artist propspective. This article is a definate must read! And a great help if you have writer's block and need a new way of looking at your work.
The Observation Deck: A Tool Kit For Writers
Naomi Epel
Creative Writing Exercises
This Deck is a new and interesting way to deal with writer's block. It is a deck of 52 cards and a companion booklet with different ideas and suggestions that were created to stimulate a writer's mind and help them through any writing challenge. Rather you're blocked up and can't think straight or looking for ways to begin, continue, or end what you are writing; this is a fabulous tool for any writer at any level.

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