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"Project Writers Unite"
About The Founder

James Brown, Jr. has been writing since childhood. His medium of choice during his earier years was poetry. During his high school years, he dabbled in short story writing and song writing; although, he was still an avid poet. Today he is working in the medium of play and screenplay writing. He has taken grammar and writing classes including Expository Writing as well as play and screenwritings classes.

James took a playwriting/screenwriting class for 2 1/2 years. During the last of his playwriting/screenwriting class, he and some other students were contemplating starting a writing club for their fellow classmates. Unfortunatelt, the attempt failed. After his graduation and production of a staged reading of his first play during the summer of 2003, he wanted to keep the creative energy flowing to write more. However, he feared starting another project because he didn't have the structure of the writing class to keep him motivated to write. That's whene he decided to revisit the writers' club idea from a year ago.

James was determined to start a writers' club. He wanted more than just playwrights and screenwriters; he wanted poets and nolevist and other writers from other mediums to come together and share their knowledge and experience. He also wanted to help writers build their writing skills but also help them to put out their work to the world. He brought the idea he had to Eve Lindi, the executive director of a new fine arts organization called Arts First Oakland. She invited the group to be one of the AFO Monday events.

On Monday, September 15th, 2003 at 7pm, the very first Project Writers Unite took place. Since then, the club has tried to build its membership, create new projects to get the their writers work out to the public, and to unite writers of all mediums together for the purpose of developing new and exciting works of literature.


James Brown, Jr. - Our Founder

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