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"Project Writers Unite"
Evaluation Form

This is a general evaluation form to grade the performance of the group. Please fill out one periodically to help PWU stay in touch with the needs and desires of the group.

How Do You Feel About... Good Fair Needs
Snacks at meeting
Information at the meeting
The timeliness of the meeting (starting/ending on time)
How meetings are generally run
The Three Stage Method Session
Writing Exercises
Our meeting space
The website (in general)
The timeliness of the website's updates
The information on the website
The access to the website
The Yahoo Group (in general)
The timeliness of the Yahoo Group's updates
The information on the Yahoo Group
The access to the Yahoo Group
The relaying of information to the group (email)
The general running of the club
The events we have planned or are planning
The collaborations we have planned or are planning
Our relationship (affiliation) with Arts First Oakland
Our president

Please check off your current membership status. See Membership Status Form for details.
Full-Active Active Inactive Visitor Non-Active
Check this box if you wish to be removed from the Yahoo Group and the Project Writers Unite Membership Roster.

Any Additional Comments

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