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"Project Writers Unite"
The Three Stage Method

One of the objectives we have at Project Writres Unite is to help each other better our writing skills and currect works. We do this by having a "Three Stage Method Session". During these sessions, we as a group, get an opprotunity to listen to each others works and help them make their work better.

These sessions are molded around a innovative critiquing process created by author, playwright, and teacher Mary Webb. This three tier method for critiquing work is based on positive reinforcement positive and criticism.

The the stages of this method are as follows:
  1. Positive Comments
    During this stage, you are only aloowed to give the author positive feed back on their work. What you liked, what you felt worked, what stuck you as a listener, etc...

  2. Questions From The Author
    During this stage, the author gets the opprotunity to ask the listeners questions they have about their work. This is a great chance for the author get feedback on parts of their work that they might be struggling through.

  3. Comments Unsolicited By Stage Two
    After the authors questions, the listener can make additional comments and suggestions about the work. These comments must be phrased in a way that will help the author make their work better (in short, if you had a problem with something, don't just tell the author about try to give them a suggestion to remedy the problem). Traditionallly the author is to remain quiet during this stage so they can absorb the information. However, for our sessions, I will allow the author to make counter comments if they feel it's necessary.

To download a detailed description of the Three Stage Method Click Here.

Also, for more information about preparing for a Three Stage Method Session, Click Here.

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