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Please read thoroughly.

The Disclaimer
The journal you are reading is not real. It is part of a roleplaying game. The person who wrote the journal you are reading has either created a character or used one that has already been created by someone else. This person is NOT the character or celebrity. They are simply someone who is acting out that part.

Some people do it for fun. Some people do it to see the world from other angles. Some do it because they are huge fans, others do it just for the hell of it. The truth of the matter is, no one is claming to be the character, no matter what the journal says. By linking to this webpage, they are making a statement that they are not the character or celebrity, and if the person who created said character or if said celebrity runs across the journal and can prove they are said author of said character or said celebrity or representative of said celebrity, that the person will agree to take the journal down if said author or celebrity decides that it is harmful.

Persons having these journals are not out to do harm, however. On that note, sometimes they will create their own character for a celebrity, exaggerating certain parts and throwing out others all together. Some may claim their celebrity as homosexual or bisexual when the actual celebrity may or may not be. This is not intended to be libelous. This is simply a game.

Thank you.
[Have a nice day.]