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Products Galore
Wesley Geddes, CEO

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 Products Galore

E-commerce has created an opportunity for entrepreneurs to combine high tech with high touch in an industry that is changing rapidly. Your business infrastructure built by some of the best technology companies in the world such as Microsoft, IBM and Compaq, is already in place-- giving you the leverage to launch your business on the web.

This is a business where anyone can choose their own level of participation. As a Client, they will enjoy a great shopping experience through a one-stop shopping portal into a diverse and unique product line. As a Member, they will qualify for special pricing and earn purchasing perks that can be exchanged for some awesome stuff. As an Independent Business Owner, you can earn points from your own purchases, purchases made from your clients and members and/or anyone using your referral number.

Shopping, member benefits, and business ownership all online! All this with 24/7 convenience and products shipped directly to your door. Just remember that more points means more money-- it's that simple!

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