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Products Galore
Wesley Geddes, CEO

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 Products Galore

I am very excited about expanding my business on the web. With the help of BWW and the leveraging power of the Internet, the potential for this opportunity has never been better.

My career began as jumping from one job to a better job. I went from Head this, to Manager that, and even to Assisstant Gener Manager. By the time I reached 19 years-old, I had already worked everywhere! My current business, Products Galore, is located in Orange, TX, USA. Being self-employed has its advantages and we believe it's the best business opportunity out there today!

The mission of Products Galore is to provide a convenient online shopping experience for clients and members, while also providing the opportunity for others to learn the benefits of business ownership. We will strive to help anyone who wants to achieve their goals and dreams with a business of their own.

- Wesley Geddes, CEO
   Products Galore

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