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Serving Greater Victoria Canada. $50 house call to remove viruses, spy-ware and perform preventative maintenance on your coputer. An aquaintance of mine bought a $3000 computer an had only had it a couple of days. The notorious Blaster virus was shutting his computer off at random. He came to me because he new I was into computers. The store he bought the system from was unwilling to help and another company would charge $30 for him to pack up his system and bring it to them to look at. Then fo them to fix it would be $70/hour. At this point he was ready to take the computer back to where he bought it and throw it at them. The brand new computer was as slow as an old one and wouldn't let hem finish installing Norton Antivirus, nor surf the net for more than a few minutes. I went to his house and disabled the blaster and got rid of it. I found 5 other viruses and six spy-ware after that. I removed them, finished installing and configuring Norton, and now their computer works the way it should. If live in the Greater Victoria area and you're experiencing slow performance, glitches and annoyances, call or click and I'll clean up your system where it sits for only $50.