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Parti-color Patterns


*****We still need an example of an irish marked parti for this page. We would also like one more sample of each type of marking.*****

The piebald parti-color pattern

A piebald parti is the ideal marking for show. A piebald is evenly marked over the body with atleast 50% white.

The extreme piebald parti-color pattern

An extreme piebald only has color on the head and around the base of the tail. The rest of the dog is white.

The Mismark

This Champion pomeranian is considered a mismark because he has white feet. A mismark can be shown according to the Pomeranian breed standard and this particular mismark finished his championship within two weeks. It must be clear that a mismark is to be judged equally with the other colors of the breed.

These two senteces were taken directly from the American Kennel Club Breed Standard

All colors, patterns, and variations there-of are allowed and must be judged on an equal basis.
Parti-color - is white with any other color distributed in patches with a white blaze preferred on the head.

Approved December 9, 1996
Effective January 31, 1997