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Paris Hilton Tape FULL 37 minute DVD Color & Sound or Instant Download 

FINALLY on DVD, The Original Full Version of the Paris Hilton Homemade Sex Video! This is a True DVD, not a low-quality VCD or SVCD which are all incompatible with Home Theatre Systems. The Original Full-Length 37 minute Paris Hilton Tape DVD/HDTV-Quality movie in Full Color, Crystal-Clear Color and Resolution with DVD Quality sound! You get to see what she is really like when she forgets the camera is there. This DVD is compatible with all players guaranteed! DVD Menu, Chapters with Video Previews for Easy Searching. Plays on all Players: TV, Computer, Game Consoles, Full Length Color 720x480 Remastered 48kHz Audio, DOWNLOAD also available! The REAL, ACTUAL FULL LENGTH 37 minute video as heard on Howard Stern! Download instantly and watch it whenever you want View it UNLIMITED times OR have it MAILED TO YOU!

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Media DVD-Video
Playing Time 37 Minutes
Chapter Motion-Previews YES
Full Color YES
Color Bits 32
VOB File Size 5GB
Resolution 720x480
Full Screen YES
Audio Bits 16
Audio Rate 48kHz
TV Standalone Players YES
PlayStation 2 YES

Available on true DVD or Instant Download Link emailed to you immediately after purchase. The REAL THING, FINALLY FULL LENGTH! You'll see a stunning crisp DVD/HDTV-Quality movie of the hottest body on the planet in the privacy of your home theatre system. View it UNLIMITED times OR have it MAILED TO YOU in FULL Color and Clear Resolution with Sound/Audio! The homemade video features the socialite, "The Simple Life" Fox TV reality show star and heiress to the Hilton hotel fortune having sex with her ex-boyfriend Rick Solomon (former husband of Shannen Doherty). Paris and Rick both use the camera to film the other and together while Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst calls in vain on her cell. The scenes are very hot! Rick enters Paris (close-up, wide shots, different angles) and starts fuck her as hard as he can. Paris Hilton gets into it and keeps trying to show her best side. Solomon keeps trying to get her into sex positions that are better for taping, all in front of the camera! She uses her mouth, Rick even comes on her perfect breasts, just like a pornstar! It shows her in her hottest, rarest moments ever caught on tape.

Who is Paris Hilton?

Paris Hilton is the daughter of Kathy and Rick Hilton, Granddaughter of Conrad Hilton and heiress to the Hilton Hotel chain. Ex-boyfriends include Leonardo Di Caprio, Edward Furlong and a host of other well known celebrities. She was only 19 years old when she decided to make her own 'private' sex tape. This Paris Hilton sex tape has been the most talked about since Pamela Anderson's sex tape. The video featuring Paris Hilton and Richard Solomon, was made three years ago while Solomon and Hilton, then 19, were dating. Paris Hilton is the heiress of the Hilton Hotel fortune and along with her sister download Nicky, has been a favorite of tabloid news and paparazzi for years. Why? one really knows. Apart from having a famous last name and more money than she knows what to do with, the main thing that Paris Hilton is known for is showing up at every celebrity event and party known to man. In other words, Hilton is most well-known for being...umm...well-known. Her best friends include Nicole Richie (her Simple Life co-star) and Kimberly Stewart (daughter of Rod Stewart).

THIS IS THE FULL 37 MINUTE REAL VERSION. Many are selling a fake 40 minute version that is a girl who looks similar to Paris Hilton. This DVD is the highest quality version is FULL SCREEN. Unlike the other Paris Hilton DVD's this one WILL WORKS IN YOUR PS2 AND TV OR COMPUTER DVD PLAYER. Don't mess with VCD's that don't work and have poor quality, get this DVD version. Don't fall for the fake crap that some other sites are selling as the "Paris Hilton" video. It's only an old porn movie that's been retitled! This is the actual Paris Hilton movie everyone's been talking about!