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PanFlake Recipe

Okay, what I am about to tell you is STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL and must be kept a secret or we'll go out of business. First, mix sugar, spice, and everything nice into a bowl. Accidentally add Chemical P, and then quickly stand by for explosion. After explosion, look at the remains of the bowl and you'll magicaly have PanFlakes! Don't forget to show it love and to sing to it when it's lonely. It's favorite story is The Little Mermaid, so tell it the story every night! Also, please don't eat the PanFlake! They aren't for eating, they are for companionship, because Panflakes are your friend 'till the end!

You want the real recipe? Email'll cost ya though...the sum of EIGHT BILLION DOLLARS!!! Okay, fine, you talked me into it. I'll give you the recipe if you do one thing for me. BUT YOU'LL NEVER KNOW! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!