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Business Model: E-commerce driven website.

Content: It is short, to the point with business orientation. Its updated periodically with new feature and product changes or additions.

Commerce: It generates online revenues by selling their products online as well as in their brick and mortar stores. The large order products like cubical have payment options which add value to customer's buying decision.

Community: There is no online interactive community set up.

Customization: No it does not provide customization of the products. The products are sold in standard units and are delivered in the same manner. But customer can choose between payment options of  either lump sum payment or lease payment for cubicles. 

Customer Relationship Management: Website gives contact information with address, phone, fax and email address. The website provides support for buying under the yahoo shopping help. It also mentions customer support in terms of providing services. To built credibility it shows feedback form their customers and the history of the company under 'about us' section.

Competition: Competition is intense because of price transparency. Every product displays price along with its description.

Corporate Governance: The company's governance is aliened with the stores because the online sales are supported by the stores as well.

Cost: The site does not show high investment in the technology. Its display style is normal with basic requirements of good visual effects. 

Design: The design is normal with basic layout and different features. It lacks the importance of customer's online experience. Their major focus is on product information and selling the product, supported by description and picture display.

Product/Service mix: Besides selling products they provide services for installation of cubicles.

Target Market: They target retailers and offices of companies. Non profit organizations are given preference by giving them discounts.

Partnerships/Affiliates: Website is affiliated to Yahoo shopping center. The customer help for payment is also supported by Yahoo's shopping help.

Pure Play/Brick and Motor: They sell both online as well in brick and mortar stores.

Strengths: Clear display of products, price, terms and polices, customer referrals and shopping help which builds online credibility and enhance purchase decision.

Weaknesses: Design and layout should be appealing by implementing better graphical and visual effects.

Opportunities: To setup customer interacting online community to attract more customers. And to change the design of website.

Threats: Lack of customer interaction could lower the growth of their business in future.



                Score: 8 out of 10





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