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The Lagoons

Paradise Island Lagoons
What Lagoonz are
Lagoons will be your place where you stay while you are here with us at NPI. You will partcipate in contests and the Lagoon at the end of the Fishing Season ( 3 months ) with the most points will win an unbelievable prize and the Luxerious Lagoon Award. You earn points by winning the contests. Also whichever member at the end of fishing season that has earned the most points WITHIN the lagoon will win another prize and will become leader of the lagoon for the next 3 months. You can learn more about that at your own personal lagoon site.
The Lagoon guilds are as follows:
Sea Urchins
Sea Turtles
Sea Horses
Sea Otters
Even though you are the lower one on the guild heiracrhy it does not count in this guild,all the rankings are the same since they are seperated into lagoons.You will have your own personal rating in your lagoon!
Attention all Lagoons you are allowed to challenge other guilds to a contest if it is a fair contest. The contest before being put up to challenge must be approved by the guild leader first. So please feel free to come up with your own contest within your guild that you think would be fun to compete in.
ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FUN??? you first contest ever has arrived it is the first ever Member hunt search, this will be an easy contest in which you might make friends in the process, you will need to get as many people as you can to join the guild within a 2 week time span. The lagoon that gets the most members to joins wins, go to your lagoon HOMEPAGE to find out more
Your lagoon needs a motto, color, and song. SO your homepage can be decorated in such a manner in which will be enjoyable There will be a poll at your lagoon homepage site in which you can vote. Please vote soon so I can let you know if a certain color ETC is already taken.