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"The Beauty of Black Women"

Existing in un-matched and flawless glory
Is the story
of the ascension-filled attraction
So vibrant
that the world over
remains in awe
of the beauty of Black Women.
Nurtured sacredly
millenniums ago
on the face of the Moon,
the precise prettiness of
Earth's precious daughter emerged
with an elegance
that complimented
all of the Universe's magical wonders.
the skin of the Earth's crust
evolutions and revolutions of artistry and science
Gave birth to bold brown bodies
Blessed with beauty
only the radiance of rainbows could parallel.
I can only adore and cherish the beauty of Black Women.
With skin of ceramic delicacy,
I am forced to fit my eyes upon them
and admire their artistic accuracy
that tackles the man in me
so that I become a slave to their seduction.
Crafted cheekbones ride high
to the fancy of ovaled chins
Equaling fluid architecture that has no end
viting brown eyes complete this package
of pleasurable profoundness
ONLY apparent
in the beauty of Black women.
(c) 2001 by UniverSouL

"Sacred Womban"

Into this hemisphere
Many a millennia ago
You arrived here from miles beyond
the Moon's mist
Legend has it
That one breath from deep within your bosom
could break the cycle of man
and bring re-birth.
You are of the Earth
And every element of the Universe
Your delicate, divine body
serves as an instrument for the messages
and might of the Ancestors.
For what reason would any man
want to harm, violate, or degrade you?
Only fools would tamper with your treasure
The wind without end sings sonnets
to pay homage to your priceless-ness
Of bliss you are
Woman of the wonderfulness
of shining Stars.
Afar into the galaxy
One could only find
gifts that would equate your divine Sunshine.
Poetry isn't powerful enough
Roses don't possess enough regality
Diamonds lack the luster needed
and gold doesn't have enough gleam
to honor you Miss Supreme
You are the shadow of the unspoken Spirits
that manifest life
The secret of the Sun
The whisper of the night.
(c) Universoul 2001

"Soul Sista (The Ultimate Truth)"

Earth woman
of grandeur elegance
Embodying the essence
of eccentricity Electric
Respected by the Sun, Moon and Stars
In honor I swim in
your sacred waters Surrounded
by un-Saturated wisdom.
Be havin' names like
Kesha Shontida
and Monifa Tasha and Sasha
Isis Oshun and Nefertiti Deep in me
She's that Black eagle
that rides the skies high
Gave birth to the air we breathe
Controls all seven seas with ease.
A warrior way before our culture, our heritage,
our minds were stolen
The secret of Our resurrection
exists inside her hemoglobin.
With praise I speak
of the sentimental
blue indigo soul-stealing criminal
who's path is identical to mine.
To thine I pay homage in the best way possible
Hoping my grammar serves
the most gracious and worthy gospel
Colossal and diabolical
she is from her pretty feet on down to her hair follicles
It's only logical
that I speak of my Soul Sista.
(c) Universoul 2001