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VAULT 17 - The Aftermath

By Ninja Assassin

15 years after vault 17 opened, the city is still growing and prospering economically. with help from the BoS, the city has stayed safe. but, sudden recent events have left the community unstable, Many relying on drugs for comfort.  Fights break out on the streets, over petty nothings.  Homes are broken into and trashed for no reason. But on other days, the town's people will come out singing in the streets!

This once almost perfect town has gone to hell, or has it?

It's Your Decision.


Welcome, followers of Fallout Roleplaying!  This is your first sight at the new map being created by Ninja Assassin.  This is becoming a map of perfection, with everything you could want in a map.  Even after its release it will continue to grow.

The Picture that you see above is your first actual look at what it will look like.  In the center there we have the general store, a place where civilians and others can go to get their groceries, pr0n and other everyday necessities.   To it's left, we have the bar.  A popular hangout of the town, where crowds gather to watch the fights in the world-class fighting ring.  this building isnt 100% done, as are any others.  To the stores right, we have the makings of the BoS base.  Normally, the Brotherhood of Steel, wouldnt give a flying fuck about what happens to anyone, but they found that this exact location was indeed, a very important location for a base.  The town decided that they could have the base, if they agreed to protect the town, and uphold the law, so they have.  In the other parts, we see the homes of civilians.  These homes contain the necessities of life, and luxery for the towns people. fully equipped with working fridge, freezer and complete furniture. 

Note that this is very early in stage of development, and anything and everything may change on a moments whim.  So check back here constantly for more updates and other goodies, also the picture of the map will change sumtimes!