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Vault 17 - The Aftermath Test Map
  • Description: Test map for something I abandoned
  • Download: COMING SOON
  • Website: - Vault 17
  • Rating: *****

 Springfield - Author: Ninja Assassin

  • Stage: Beta Ready for public Release!
  • Description: The newest RP map, that is NOT an RP clone. Features whole new map, based off the great *bonus* single-player campaign map, Cars that *are not red!*, fun new teams, and a more "non ub3r-n00b" level of weapons.
  • Download: LOCAL
  • Website: Coming soon on!
  • Rating: *****
  • Old Classic Boon - A two Pack
    • Description: Two old versions including BoonVille 3 v1.1 and BoonVille 4 [Final]. So have fun!
    • Download: LOCAL  
    • Instrucions: Unzip the package into the standard .../core/missions/skirmish and enjoy the old-sk00l of RPing!
    BoonVille 5 1.1 (Latest)
    • Description: The Most familiar Roleplaying map
    • Downlaod: LOCAL
    • Rating: ***

     Vault17- The Aftermath - Author: Ninja Assassin

    • Stage: development

    • Description: The next greatest map by Ninja Assassin!!  tests have proven it will be greatly popular

    • Download: N/A map is still in works  *NEW* test map available on request!

    • Website : VAULT 17

    • Rating: *****

    Lost Celstial- 2.3 - Author: ULTRAMarine "with the Edit by Dark Force"

    • Stage: NOW AVAILABLE!

    • Description: Same map, but WITH NO INV. BUGS ALLOWED!!!! this version kills by player only and not by team!  this map has bacome our saviour!  A stop to all the cheating going on in the world of Roleplaying!!! this is a MUST GET!!!

    • Download! :   LOCAL     MIRROR

    • Rating: ****

    Quincy - Author: (Mayor) Cromwell

    • Stage: Beta

    • Description : Map with potential, and constant updates.  so far seems to have much OOS. comes in a .exe it is SELF EXTRACING! SO JUST RUN IT!

    • Download : LOCAL    MIRROR (SLOW! 2kb/s)

    • Website: N/A

    • Rating : **

    Los Angelis 0.0.5 - Author:  Zousug (based off LC by ULTRAMarine)

    • Stage: highly playable beta

    • Description:  made to have lots of eye candy and cool triggers...many more versions to come.

    • Website:

    • Download: LOCAL   MIRROR

    • Rating: ***