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Captain Backfire

Captain Backfire is a pure bred Greyhound out of Crazy Dallas and Marie's Counterstrike. He is currently 2 years old and is competing with some of the most successful Greyhounds today.

With an elegant stature and gently sloping shoulders, this young male is bound to go far. As of now, his future is misty, but it will clear soon enough.

Texan Jackrabbit

The crowds lift in uproar as the Greyhounds break from their crates, but the first to step out on the track is the Jackrabbit! This amazing 1 year old female is on the road of victory! Another shredder of Dallas, this speed machine has won of all her races by at least 2 feet!

She was raced a total of 6 times, and ended up winning them all! What an amazing girl! At first, she was to retire right away and be sold as a family dog, but playful running with her brothers in the backyard proved that we were making the wrong choice! She's rippin' across the track without any hesitation, and breaks a national track record! You're sure to see more of her!

Criminal Escape

Criminal Escape is an extreme 3 year old male that is also out of the reigning Dallas. He's taking after his sire and being victorious in every way. As a stud, he created 2 grand AA winners, including Criminal Child and It Wasn't Me. He is to retire with his amazing race record under his belt!

Southern Chaos

In the picture shown above, the indomitable Souther Chaos takes on his half-brother, Hot 'N Spicy. Chaos manages to win by a mere nose, while Spicy came in a close second. Chaos is by far, the most successful hound of Dallas. With his endless energy and eagerness to please, he never seems to be in a bad mood. He's fearless and is ready for any challenge.

Here he is above leading the pack 5 feet ahead. Critics quote "Unbeatable. The won to bring it home. Rich with speed and gold, this record breaker's photo will be hanging in the Halls of Fame!" -Greyhound Weekly. "He won't be the next anything! he'll be the first Southern Chaos!" -News Week.

He broke over 5 track records and won as if the others were tied to the fence! He's a proud son of Dallas and Eris. He has a lean conformation with a narrow, almost lupin muzzle, and there always seem to be some unspent vigor in his eyes.

The king of the track, and the sweetest of companions, this dog is the ultimate dog. Unbeatable with a solid spirit, he is soaring on wings of gold.

And the God of Greyhounds will forever be happy, win or lose..