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Nekura Gunryo is back up and will soon have lot's of information for my fellow members. Free feel to email me at anytime about anything you have questions about. My e-mail is

Nekura Gunryo Mission Statement: Nekura Gunryo exists to preserve and nurture the existing intelligence of former and new board members. We will instill noobie minds with great information of the forum's universe. We also exist to provide as much helpfull service as possible to all members.

(If you are in Nekura Gunryo I expect you to know the mission statement by the end of this post)

P.S. If you would like to join please send me a pm

If you are not already a member I now have a requirements list in order for you to join.


Posts: 125 non spammed posts (I get bored I WILL check)

Reg: Must be a member for atleast a month and know the rules of the board.

After you complete the required E-mail me with your reg date, POS desired, and username.

Official Leader's

Official Recruiter's

Offcial Member's

Majin Gotenks

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