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Narf! Hello and welcome to my little space on the internet. Don't you feel cozy here?
I've got all my favourite things here! I'm constantly adding new stuff and updating this site, so don't forget to check back when you have time!
Feel free to e-mail me! Have fun! Narf!

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23/10/06 Hello everyone. I cannot believe the last time I wrote an update was over 1 year ago (15/06/05) Time flies, doesn't it? So how is everyone doing? I wonder if anyone still visits this site? After not updating for so long, I almost forgot how to write html and all those things. That's why xanga and facebook is so popular nowadays. There isn't the hassle to create everything from scratch.

This is my final year in the States. I can't wait to graduate. It's about time I find a real job and make some money. School's tough. I'm only taking three classes, but upper level Econ classes KILL!!

The Formula 1 season of 2006 just ended. It was all good. A very exciting season indeed. This is also Schumacher's final season, as he is retiring. He is one amazing racer. I look forward to '07's season.

A couple of days ago, I went Go-Karting! I had to wait until my senior year until I finally got the chance to do this! Oh, but it was so much fun. It was my first time driving Karts on an outdoor track. I drove the 5.5HP karts. Next time, if I have the money, I'll definitely give the 9HP karts a try. The track itself was pretty... average. VERY bumpy. I'm glad that after all that shaking and banging, I'm still in one piece. Well, barely... The kart didn't fit me very well. The seat was for the average American adult, so I was sliding everywhere. The pedals were a bit too far for my liking, but that wasn't too bad. I think the worst was the bumpy track. See, on a kart, there are no suspensions. So all the bumps transfer directly to ME. And when the seat doesn't fit me well, it HURTS! I had to grip onto the steering coloumn so hard that my hands were numb and shaking after the drive. My right knee kept bumping onto the steering column, and got bruised pretty bad. My shoulders hurt from banging and sliding from side to side, corner after corner. I raced for 30mins straight. It was exhilerating. It took me a couple of minutes to learn the track, then I was racing at full speed. Oh yeah, it was a cold day too. My hands were frozen after the 30mins. 1 lap around the track could easily be done under 30secs, so I definitely drove over 60 laps that day. That's the most exciting thing I did this fall break.

Classes begin tomorrow, and I'm not looking forward to it. There's so much work to do. One thing I am looking forward to is winter break! I can go home and enjoy life, have fun... all the good stuff.

Alritey, time to go back to work now. Narf! ^__^

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I have sad news.
The Gift House (or better known as the 'toy shop' to ppl around me)
ended business after more than 10 years.
This is where I have grown up, and it is sad to see it go...
I will always remember the good ol' days!

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