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Music Is Life, Life is Music

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We must never take music at face value. For some, music is merely a tool for listening to other peoples thoughts. Subconciously, we all beleive that music is an artistic manifestation of the human soul.

Music, however, may be seen by others as nothing more than anothers artistic sentiment pretentiously portrayed in the form of quavers and minums.Music has had many different meanings within varying societies, it is beleived that the ancient greeks thought that music written in a minor key was a personification of Hades, god of the underworld. To this day, when one hears a piece of music or a ballad, in a minor key it evokes scenes of sadness within our mind.

Within an ever changing world we are presented with many different situations and scenarios that we may not be able to cope with using our own spiritual karma. Many people find that they can get spiritual help through the use of music. This music can range from classical pieces by great genius's such as Mozart and Handel, to the likes of Rap and Hip-Hop in which there has been a new cultural reformation.


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