Because my boyfriend, he liked to smell and would keep the panties i wear. After now we are not dating, what to do with panties??? I love to know that there is a man somewhere who loves to smell and keep the my panties! Even thinking of that makes me wet! I make them quite soiled and wet everyday and would love to send them to you at your asking. I would like to sell you my used panties. It has been said that I can be naugty, I become very very wet when i touch myself. I will sell my panties with cum on them. You can ask if there is other that you would like please? Such as different wearing times, stains, of even different things to put in me, like lollypops? I am an asian and 18 female.

I would almst like it most if I made special relationship with a man so that it is regularly that i send him panties and we talk with email. That would be very special!

So please email this: miss_eriko@wetwetwet.com No Paypals, no cards, It is Easy easy easy! You can send money hidden in the envalope and when I recieve it i will send my panties in a baggie. If you just will email me and talk with naughty words I will cum probably!, but unless you buy, you wont see! Talk to me with email and you will see that you can trust to send your money to me! I know this webpage is poor, this is why it is important that you email me and we can talk to eachother. Some men I talk with have suggested to me that i make a wishlist for myself at Victoria's Secret? I have now and please ask me about it if you would like.