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Well, you've made it to the webpage for The GyuuNyuu Milk Factory. This is were we're keeping the extensive owners list as well as a place where you can veiw upcoming sales (as long as siberian gets around to keeping it updated *sweatdrop*) So here's the list of cows, whether you're here to pick up a lost Certificate or to see what cows are avaliable for breeding, hope you can find what you need!!

Generation 0 Cows
Lune Male owned by Chyld
Gin Male owned by siberian_oracle
Squishy Female owned by Yotans_lemons

Generation 1 Cows
Weiss Male owned by Sere Mudou
????? Female owned by KittyKato
Brown 'n Blue Jug owned by zombie_tetsu
Grover Male owned by Angels
LimeBerrie owned by Annalise Minizipper
Freisa Male owned by Pink Lemonade

Golden Wish
Halo Male owned by DigitelxAngel

The Milk Factory Thread

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