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Mega Man's Action Figures

Mega Man has Action Figures too! There are many available. There are Mega Man 5 (Japan only), Mega Man Cartoon and more Action Figures and Toys! Most have only been released in Japan. Here is a complete list of Mega Man's Action Figures and Toys:

Mega Man Cartoon Action Figures:

Other Mega Man Cartoon Action Figures:

Mega Man 5 Action Figures:

Mega Man has Video Game Action Figures too! The only ones I can find are Mega Man 5 Action Figures. This is the Complete Mega Man 5 Action Figures. These Figures include: Mega Man, Rush, Protoman, Dr.Wily, Stone Man, Gravity Man, Crystal Man, Charge Man, Napalm Man, Wave Man, Star Man and Gyro Man. These are amazing! Look at the detail. Just like in the game! Available in Japan only. Collect them all!