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December, 2003

A little problem

A little problem

And finally, we're back! It's been over 2 months since the last comic. Course, I have ALOT of catching up to do. Expect 5 comics tomorrow, 10 on Thursday, and 25 by the end of this week.

Yep. It's been over a month since I have made a new comic. Took me for ever to put this comic/message together. I have about 5 new comics out of about 30 or so made. I will list the 5 new comics tomorrow, then the next and every other day until I catch up I will have 7 comics, maybe more. It will take a while, but hopefully no more than 2 weeks.


And, finally, Dr. Light is here. There is some blur in the comic. You probably know why it is. It is, of course, because I have stored the file in Jpeg (.jpg) format. The Jpeg was also used in the last comic. And, tomorrow, Mega Man, Matt, Mike, Flame and Dr. Light will be back in the lab.