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Mega Man (a.k.a, Rockman (In Japan), or Rock) made his debut on Nintendo's Nintendo Entertainment System console back in 1987. Capcom, the creators of the series, created an Arcade-quality video game with unmatched Play Control, Superb graphics and excellent Gameplay. Due to a strange box art, it took some time, but by giving player's the ability to choose their own stage, Capcom's Mega Man video game became a success. The ability to choose your own path, and Mega Man's ability to take other weapons, has been used in the 20+ games in the series, and this is what made Mega Man a popular, successful and well known character.

Mega Man was created by a scientist named Dr. Light (Or Dr. Wright, which he was named in the first game), and he was named Rock. He was programmed to think, look and feel like a human. Mega Man began as a household robot with the name "Rock", but after he was created, the evil Dr. Wily re-programmed six robots that he and Dr. Light created. Dr. Light realized something had to be done, so Mega Man volunteers to be coverted into a more powerful robot with armor and an Arm Cannon.

Mega Man games started out as Traditional 2-D side-scrolling games. For more information, see the Game Pages.